Welcome to West Highland Terrier Rescue

A non profit making organisation

Do you have any spare time ? Would you like to help Westies in trouble. We are in great need of Foster Carers, People to collect and deliver dogs, home visitors, fund raisers, in fact any help we can get. If you can help get in touch with either Anna or Lisa and we can take it from there. Thank you in anticipation.

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Photo - West Highland Terrier being washed

The welfare of any West Highland Terrier that comes into our care is paramount. Our aim is a very simple one. We ensure they are made Happy, Secure, Respected, Loved, Wanted and Healthy.

These wonderful little dogs often find themselves without a home through no fault of their own.

Some owners find themselves unable to care for their West Highland Terrier and the responsible owners contact West Highland Terrier Rescue.

The stories we hear can be very sad, an owner going into new accommodation and unable to take their little dog with them, an owner dies and has no family able to take on the little rascal, additions to the human family often means no time to care properly for the Westie. Sometimes well meaning folk buy a puppy and problems happen, the dog is too lively, too demanding, too much of a handful, now we have an unhappy dog and owner. Human relationships breakdown and no one has time for the Westie. Some dogs are just not wanted anymore, abandoned and forgotten.

Photo - West Highland Terrier

People forget that although West Highland Terriers are small pretty dogs, they are REAL terriers, they were originally bred to hunt and that could be your neighbours cat! They are full of stamina, they are determined, they are sometimes feisty and they always believe life should be played by their rules. Although they are little dogs they think they are in large jackets! West Highland Terriers are clever little dogs and soon find a way of turning everything to their advantage. Having said this they are very loyal, very loving and full of fun, with huge characters.

If you feel this is your ideal dog please think carefully before you make the decision to adopt. They are stubborn, they could have behaviour problems, they are very strong characters. They will be unsettled when they arrive in your home. Have you considered that until they feel safe and loved in your home they could have “accidents” on your carpets. They could chew items precious to you. They could cause chaos to your organised lives. Emotion needs to take a back seat, common sense coupled with the best interest of the West Highland Terrier and your family comes into play.

Can you offer one of these wonderful dogs a secure, loving home? If so we would love to speak to you.

We are all volunteers who understand the needs of the West Highland Terrier. We have a wealth of experience with these little dogs and can always offer advice and support.

When a Westie needs to be found a new home each adopter is thoroughly home checked to ensure they have the best interest of the West Highland Terrier at the heart of their decision, we continue to support the adopter throughout the life of their “new best friend”.

Photo - West Highland Terrier

If you find yourself in the position of having to rehome your West Highland Terrier we can assure you that you will find an understanding voice over the telephone, followed up with a visit and rest assured when we do a home visit for your little friend as our guideline we always ask ourselves, would we place one of our dogs in this home? We do not judge we just ensure the welfare of the West Highland Terrier after all this is why West Highland Terrier Rescue was founded.

Gus Denovan BVSc, M.R.C.V.S.
of St. Kitts, Firgrove and Basingstoke Veterinary Centers

Gordon Richards Vetmed M.R.C.V.S.
of New Priory Veterinary Practice Brighton and Peacehaven Sussex

thoroughly recommend the excellent work we as a rescue organisation do for these marvellous little dogs.

We have area organisers in Southern England only. Please see the contact page for contact details.

If you feel you have a good knowledge and experience of dogs and would like to help our worthwhile organisation please contact Mrs Anna Flint, Chairperson on Tel: 07973 778913 or Lisa Pullinger on Tel: 07941 049508

Initially you will be given all the help, advice and support from your friendly area organiser.